Hidden by the grapes - If radios spoke with their hearts

€ 18,00

Vinyl pump 60-2012

180 g Vinyl (inkl. CD-Kopie und Download-Code) Recorded at Stress Studio, Graz, Austria
Engineered by Thomas Zwanzger
Produced by hidden by the grapes and Thomas Zwanzger
Mixed by Herwig Zamernik
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Artwork by Mote Scherr
Photography by Hannes Kumpusch Tracks: 1 Some of you will go on 2 Jagged bones 3 Petunia 4 Fairmount city walls 5 Crash test dummies don’t have plans for the future 6 Death to all the ladybugs 7 The new will fade, the old praised forever 8 In Bubbleguns 9 Chalupnik 10 Not that it’s gone it’s ok Additional musicians: Alto saxophone on track 9: Ivan Bonačić Horn section on tracks 2, 3 and 7: Johannes von Hoyer, Eric Kurz, Christian Neumayer Additional vocals on tracks 4 and 8: Christina Lessiak Choir on track 10: Paige Baralija, Lisa Freidl, Melanie Jammerbund, Christina Lessiak, Theresa Reumüller Additional drums on track 10 and sherman on track 1: Thomas Zwanzger Hidden by the Grapes are Bernhard Jammerbund, Richard Kahlbacher and Christian Steiner All songs written by Hidden by the Grapes www.hiddenbythegrapes.com