Ratrock Tot Sint Jans - Silvester Möstl

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Vinyl pump 59-2012

VINYL only.
Including Download Codes for mp3+wav Tracklist:
1) Edith Piaf We Like 2) Kickin Clocks 3) Whistle By The Telephone 4) The Raincloud 5) Lain On Floor 6) Peppermint Green 7) Farout 8) Across The Railroad Tracks 9) State Of Mind 10) Monday Morning Walk All Songs written by Ratrock Tot Sint Jans
Recorded on Tascam TSR8
Produced by Ratrock Tot Sint Jans and Dr. Mikado Mazda
Mastered at Racoon Masterings
Ratrock Tot Sint Jans: Guitars, Singin, Whistlin, Farfisa Organ, Mouth-Harp, Korg Trident, Moog Opus, Bass, Drums, Flute, Tambourine, Korg Poly800, Michael Fabian (Life Crime): Martin Acoustic Guitar Thomas Möstl (Dralyza): Bass Thomas Prietl (Dralyza): Drums Reinhard Schilcher (The Shady Lanes): Bass Gerfried Brunner (The Shady Lanes): Drums Mathias „Matze“ Krejan (The Sado Maso Guitar Club): Guitars Marino Acapulco (Spring and the Land): Drums Martin Riegler (Goldsoundz, Killed By 9 Volt Batteries): Guitars, Drums, Shaker Klaus Wohlgemuth (Fragments Of An Empire): Guitars, Singin Paul Pfleger (Stereoface): Hohner Symphonic 30 Organ