WELL - done

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CD pump 67-2013

WELL are
Suzanna Canji: Vocals · Bass
Alexander Grabenhofer-Eggerth: Guitars · QChord · Backing vocals
Christoph Fehringer: Guitars · Backing vocals
Tibor Tarcsay: Drums · Backing Vocals

All songs music by WELL
except 9: music by Böhsner, Dissmann, Grabenhofer-Eggerth, Kromp
All lyrics by Suzanna Canji
Recorded by Well
Drum recording 1/5/6/10: Tom Pronai
Keyboard 10: Tom Pronai
Mixed by Tom Pronai
Mastered by Hari Pairits
Christine Esslbauer: Photography

Special thanks to our families, friends & fans for support and patience
Prelisten here: www.soundcloud.com/wellvienna

Tracks: 1. Shameshock 2. One after One 3. Dying in Your Arms 4. Hand over Hand 5. Kick it Off 6. Safety-Net-Libertine 7. Two Minutes 8. Nose of Leopoldsberg 9. Mindflowers are Bliss 10. Rescue 11. Mermaid 12. Replay 13. Mr. Shraddleman 14. Aches