Daze Work - The Rest Is Noise

Art.Nr.: CD pump 96-2017
12,00 €

CD pump 96-2017

1. hurt people 
2. daddy’s little girl 
3. drama triangle 
4. love is a porn star 
5. in your age 
6. gutless 
7. shoot ev’ryone 

Daze Work are: Lisa Kaufmann, Christoph Schnabl, Markus Werth

all songs recorded @ OFFBEAT RANCH in Wörth/Gnas 
by Renate Walter and Werner Wohlgemuth 

mastering by Georg Wallentin 

all songs written and performed by Daze Work 
all lyrics by Lisa Kaufmann 
except on shoot ev’ryone – partly by Christoph Schnabl 
daddy’s little girl – partly by Christoph Schnabl 

artwork: Andreas Kral and L. Kaufmann, 
photos: Andreas Kral 

additional stuff lent by fragments of an empire 
thanks thanks to Fam. Wohlgemuth, Werner Wohlgemuth, Renate Walter and all our dear friends