Art.Nr.: CD pump 66-2012
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CD pump 66-2012

01 Domovina 
Music: Wolfgang Temmel
02 Drawi 
Music: Gerhard Neubauer 
03 A Place to Go 
Lyrics: Perry Blake, Glenn Garrett 
Music: Chuck LeMonds, Wolfgang Temmel © and published by: STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL FRANCE 
04 Das kleinste gemeinsame Mühsame 
Music: Gerhard Neubauer 
05 The Mobile Graveyard 
Music: Chuck LeMonds, Francisco Tárrega, Wolfgang Temmel 
06 Thursday 
Lyrics: Walter C. Williams 
Music: Gerhard Neubauer 
07 Fanfare for the Fired Man 
Music: Gerhard Neubauer 
08 Der Eine und der Andere 
Lyrics: Wolfgang Pollanz, Andrea Sailer 
Music: Wolfgang Temmel 
09 I’ve Seen It All
Music: Wolfgang Temmel 
10 Even Harder 
Lyrics: Andrea Sailer 
Music: Wolfgang Temmel 
11 O’Sean
Music: Wolfgang A. Mozart, Gerhard Neubauer 
12 So treiben wir den Winter aus  
Music: Carter Burwell*, Gerhard Neubauer, German traditional © and published by: PolyGram Int. Publishing Inc. * OPENING TITLE from FARGO 
Composed by: Carter Burwell 
By courtesy of Universal Music Publishing 
13 Tinnitus Waltz 
Music: Ludwig v. Beethoven, Gerhard Neubauer  

Kurt Bauer violin, background vocals 
Leonore Hollauf acoustic bass, background vocals 
Gerhard Neubauer guitar, 8-string ukulele, background vocals 
Wolfgang Temmel ukulele, lead vocals, whistling 
Anne Weinhardt drums 

Recording: Fabio Schurischuster at Electric Audio Tonstudio, Graz 
Mixing: Christofer Frank at [audio!] music production, Graz 
Mastering: Werner Weitschacher 
Graphic design: Dietmar Jakely 
Concept: Wolfgang Temmel www.leninswheelchair.com