Les Machines Molles - The Fox And Other Stories - CD

Art.Nr.: CD pump 123-2020
10,00 €

(The Animals’ Album)

Release date 23rd of October, 2020

All songs written, arranged and produced by Wolfgang Pollanz

"What A Wonderful World” written by George David Weiss.

All used samples are public domain

Mixed & mastered by Bernd Heinrauch

Gefördert von SKE.

© 2020 Wolfgang Pollanz | All rights reserved

01 Swamp Frogs On Dope 
02 Fly With Me 
03 The Chickenyard Song 
04 Wolf and the Gang 
05 Seagulls Over The Sea 
06 Let The Dogs Out 
07 The Katzenjammer Kids 

08 Sing Blackbird Sing 
09 The Fox 
10 Whale Meet Again 
11 Big Piggies Don't Cry 
12 What A Wonderful World (For All Living Creatures) 
13 Ride A White Horse (Bonus Track auf CD)