My Solace Lies - Authorised Absence

Art.Nr.: CD pump 98-2018
14,00 €

CD pump 98-2018

Tracks: 1 intro
2 timeline
3 frankenstein
4 mr. Waltz
5 sad.farewell.happy
6 lamp.ed.USA
7 interlude
8 speechless
9 the shore
10 smokers rescue
11 afterglow
my solace lies are:
Michael Stiefmaier – Vocals, guitars, synth
Florian Traby – Guitars
Darwin Lorber – Bass, Backing vocals
Benjamin Traby – Drums, synth

All songs and lyrics written and performed by my solace lies
Studio recording and mixing by Franz Gurt – Sisi Top Studio
Mastering by Thomas Aitzetmüller -Sunprojects

Special thanks to…
our former band member Iskariot Winter for part of the lyrics
Barbara Schwier for helping to create our logo
Christof Baumann for the musical advice
our Label Pumpkin Records for their advice and support
wakmusic, indiepartment and Zirkon for organizing amazing shows
family and friends for their support and patience
everyone who takes time to listen to our music and be at our shows
and very special thanks to Franz and Elfi Traby for the unlimited possibilities to rehearse in the basement