The Shady Lanes - Tango Sierra Lima

Art.Nr.: CD pump 53-2011
14,00 €

CD pump 53-2011

1. Toulouse 

2. Berlin 

3. God Bless America 

4. Two Suns And No Cloud 

5. After Sunrise And The Ducks 

6. Sandy River 

7. My Will 

8. Start The Van 

9. Made For Us 

10. I Got To Move 

11. Kangaroo 

All Songs written by Ratrock Tot Sint Jans and The Shady Lanes 
except Start The Van: written by Flek Murray and Ratrock Tot Sint Jans 

Ratrock Tot Sint Jans: Gitarre, Gesang, Mundharmonika, Farfisa-Orgel 
Flek Murray: Schlagzeug, Percussion, Background-Gesang 
Reno: Bass, Background-Gesang 

Produziert und abgemischt von Flek Murray 
Gemastert bei Racoon Masterings von Senior Wolf 
Coverfoto: Thomas Wielitsch