Tiger Family - s/t

Art.Nr.: LP pump 86-2016
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LP pump 86-2016

A1 Don't Let The Summer Be Gone For Good 
A2 I Am The Cosmos 
A3 4-20 Million Miles Away 
A4 Soap Box Driver 
A5 Tiger Family
B1 The Odd Kid From Beyond 
B2 Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street)
B3 Up In Space 
B4 Out Of The Mud 
B5. O Lord Are You In Need

This is the first album of Tiger Family. Recorded about 5 months after starting the band in April 2015, it somehow reflects the early, raw and rugged sound they had back than.
The self-titled debut record of that self-called "supergroup" from Graz and arguably their very last too, was recorded completely live in a fucked up cellar with singer Ratrock's beloved Tascam TSR8 tape machine and a bunch of old microphones borrowed from friends and relatives.

"Erfinder" von Tiger Family ist ein gewisser David Künstner (Spring And The Land). Selbiger ging bereits mehrere Jahre mit dem Gedanken schwanger, eine Ratrock Tot Sint Jans-Tribute-Band zu gründen. Deshalb hat er Ratrock Tot Sint Jans himself, gemeinhin anerkannt als Österreichs "merkwürdigster" Songschreiber, zum Casting eingeladen. Dieser schaffte den Call, bestand aber seinerseits darauf, die beiden einzigen "Musiker" in seinem Bekanntenkreis, ebenfalls zu verpflichten: Klaus Wohlgemuth (Spring And The Land, Fragments Of An Empire,...) und Paul Pfleger (Polkov, Stereoface) konnten nach zähen Verhandlungen angekauft werden.
Musikalisch liefern Tiger Family eine bisher ungehörte Mixtur aus weinerlichen Balladen, Slow-Rock und mehrstimmigen Urheberrechtsverletzungen.

Ratrock Tot Sint Jans - Vocals, Guitar
Klaus Wohlgemuth - Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Paul Pfleger - Drums, Vocals, Cigarbox-Guitar
David Künstner - Bass
Noemí Conesa - Photography
Laika - Barking
Jan Senekowitsch - Tambourine on "Tiger Family"
Marino Acapulco - Technical and Spiritual Guidance

All Songs written by Ratrock Tot Sint Jans & Tiger Family
"Oh Lord Are You In Need" - written by Will Oldham
"Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) - written by Don Robertson & Hal Blair
"I Am The Cosmos" - written by Chris Bell

Produced by Tiger Family
Recorded live on September 21st & 22nd, November 17th & 18th 2015