URBAN DESERT CABARET - Shadow of a ghost

Art.Nr.: CD pump 92-2017
14,00 €

CD pump 92-2017

1. Windy Voice (3:03) 
2. Delta Bar (4:36) 
3. Ain’t Got No Blues (4:11) 
4. Queen of Light (5:14) 
5. Wouldn’t You Agree (4:15) 
6. Vienna Vampire Waltz (4:00) 
7. Go Away (4:05) 
8. World on the Edge (3:14) 
9. Shadow of a Ghost (3:47) 
10. Flagman (3:44) 


Joe City Garcia – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 
Gar Robertson – lap steel, pedal steel, electric guitar, bass 
Bobby Furgo – Violin, piano, Wurlitzer, accordion, organ 
Danny Frankel – drums, percussion, canteen 
Kirsty McGee – backing vocals 

All songs by Joe City Garcia 
Produced by Gar Roberson & Joe City Garcia 
Recorded & mixed by Gar Robertson at Red Barn Recorders 
Mastered by Dave Schultz at D2 Mastering, Los Angeles, CA 
Art & Design by Dariusz Fodczuk 
Photography by Gerrit Sievert 

"Simply put, Shadow Of A Ghost delivers on the promise of Sometimes The Angels. Joe City Garcia (né Urban Desert Cabaret) is here to stay, ushering in a new chapter of the Desert Rock story."
Eleni P. Austin, Coachella Valley Weekly ~ California  

"Joe City Garcia played the numbers solo, with guitar and harmonica, very beautiful and haunting." 
Arge Music ~ Sargfabrik ~ Vienna, AU 

"...so so good. You could have heard a pin drop when Joe City Garcia sang Go away. Wow! Just W.O.W!"
Lisa Morgan, Head Music Writer ~ Coachella Valley Weekly (Shadow of a Ghost Release Show at Pappy & Harriet’s, August 18, 2016)